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The New Model of Commercial Roof Marketing is Here

Outbound direct-to-client is a lead generating methodology that rests on the universal principals of business prospecting.

Studies show today's consumers are entirely different from those in the 80s, 90s – even early 2000's.

Today’s buyer is evolved - they’re oversold, cautious, and more skeptical than ever.

Yet most marketing methods in use right now, stem from a bygone era.

Many businesses have not caught on. They still use these “old-era” methods to market and sell to a generation with arguably the lowest trust level in human history.

It’s in these scenarios that modern, consistent, and structured outbound prospecting processes set roofers apart.
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"World class team from start to finish. The biggest upside in working with the team was, by far, the weekly coaching calls. The sales knowledge was invaluable for the growth of our team. Glad to be an ongoing client of you guys"

~ Cody Heller, IDT Construction & Design


"I was very skeptical to pay for another training program because I have been burned so many times. Cody and his team are second to none though and have helped us create an influx of leads, allowing us to bring on more reps and grow our sales team from 1 to 4."

~ Nilva Gonzalez, Nakoma Construction


"You're the man! Just landed a 40,000 sf job off your methods!"

~ Tim Zahm, C&R Roofing

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